AVC Bulletin [fourteen issues]

New York: American Veterans Committee, 1946-52. 14 issues of the tabloid-format newspaper published by the left-wing veterans' group; spans the period before and after the AVC's expulsion of communists in 1948. Issues present are vol. 1 no. 17; vol. 2 nos. 5, 6 and 8; vol. 5 nos. 1, 4-7, 12; vol. 6 nos. 3, 4, 11; and vol. 7 no. 7.

Coverage includes much on AVC internal news, as well as calls for aid to homeless vets, McCarthy impeachment, opposition to segregation, and more. A failed attempt to merge with Amvets, another veterans' organization, left a bad taste in both sides' mouths and the later issues contain polemics against Amvets, including allegations that it segregated veterans into different posts by race.

Cat.No: 181871

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