Indictment for Treason [with] Naked Power (two handbills stapled together). Herbert C. Holdridge.

Indictment for Treason [with] Naked Power (two handbills stapled together)

n.p. Herbert Holdridge, 1962, 1964. Two handbills, each an 8.5x14 inch sheet mimeographed on one side, stapled together at upper right corner. The first, dated Sept. 18 1962, is an indictment of Senator Richard B. Russell and Congressman Carl Vinson for treason because of their perpetuation of militarism; the other piece dated August 7 1964 is the text of a letter Holdridge wrote the editor of the Washington Star protesting a jingoistic editorial cartoon that called for bombing North Vietnam.

After flirting with the Socialist Party, Holdridge (the only general to retire during WW II) ran under the American Rally banner as a peace candidate in the 1950s. In 1960 he established the "Constitutional Provisional Government of the United States." In the peroration to the 1962 item Holdridge "predicts and prays" that elements of the military "will march on Washington to destroy every enemy of our Constitution, beginning in the White House" by a year.

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