Orleans Parish School Board public schools City of New Orleans The Orleans Parish School Board has awarded this diploma to Charles Talmage King Perkins of McDonogh No. 35 High School, Colored, in testimony of its approbation of his exemplary deportment etc, etc

New Orleans: Orleans Parish School Board, 1932. Single sheet diploma 17x13.75 inches in landscape layout, decorative borders, logo in center of the upper text is of a seabird feeding her young with the legend "I Live and Die for Those I Love" the student's name is printed as Charles Talmage but may be Talmadge, includes his final grades in lower left corner and signatures of the State Superintendent and President of the the Louisiana State Board of Education and the signatures of the Superintendent and President (but not the principal) of the School Board, grades hand-numbered, date of June 10th, 1932 hand written, heavy stock, folded several times leaving creases, heavy foxing.

The McDonogh schools were mostly military-style white-only institutions funded by John McDonogh. He was originally from Baltimore and that is where the first school was established but 30 more were established in New Orleans where McDonogh lived and worked. In 1917 No. 35 was established as a Blacks Only school.

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