[Minutes from three meetings]. National Executive Committee Libertarian Socialist League.

[Minutes from three meetings]

New York: Libertarian Socialist League, 1952, 1954. Mimeographed minutes from three meetings, all including additional materials stapled together with them. Dates of meetings are March 8 1952 and March 7 and April 17 1954. Generally toned and fragile, latter two meetings' minutes (stapled together) have a stain running through them.

The LSL rejected Stalinism but was otherwise broad, incorporating democratic socialists as well as some left anarchists. Some members were close to the Socialist Party. Topics of discussion include preparations for Thomas Stone's trip to Europe where he met with Third Campers from France, Spain, and Vietnam (his passport was confiscated upon his return), the effects of FBI visits on members, and a change in the organization's name. The April 17 minutes include a page discussing the change of title to League for a Workers' World.

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