To all members of the LSL [handbill]. Thomas H. Stone, Frank Smith.

To all members of the LSL [handbill]

New York: Libertarian Socialist League, 1952. Mimeographed 8.5x11 inch sheet printed both sides, paper toned.

Calls on LSL members to organize protest meetings in support of Thomas Stone, whose passport had been revoked after his trip to Europe to meet with the Congress of Peoples Against Imperialism (COPAI). Most of the handbill is the text of Stone's letter appealing the confiscation of his passport (which was due to his former membership in the Communist Party USA in the 1930s) and outlining his anti-Stalinist political perspective, accusing the US State Department of differing only in degree from Stalin's limitation of the rights of dissidents to travel. Notes that while in Europe he had met with the International Workers' Union, the International Group of Combat of Spain, and the Vietnamese Internationalist Socialist Group.

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