After Hussein's Military Defeat; What will the Middle East be like? Will Kuwait be free? How many people died in Iraq? [Volume III of a trilogy]

Seattle: KC & Associates, [1990]. Paperback. Unpaginated or variously paginated xeroxed documents in facsimile plus transcripts keyboard-set, copyshop binding ("velo," but no acetate cover leaf), perhaps two hundred single-side standard leaves under professionally-printed cover leaf. Slight handling soil, a very good copy. Referred to within as third part of a "white paper" on the Gulf War, following separate installments v.I ("Hussein, Oil, CPI, Drug War...") and v.II ("Hussein's Mythical Nukes..and Iraq's Military Power"). Third part only.

Largely an indictment of George Herbert Walker Bush in and out of the presidential warmonger role, materials from public journalism and private interviews, unclassified documents, weapons-provider ads and so forth.

Cat.No: 181076

Price: $50.00