file 49 [issues 2 and 6]. Mary H. Weik.

file 49 [issues 2 and 6]

Cincinnati: the newsletter, 1949, 1951. Two issues of the mimeographed newsletter for members of the United World Federalists, 8 and 15 pages respectively, 8.5x14 inches, folded for mailing, issue 6 with mailing label, stamps and postal markings on back cover, rubberstamped signatures of Weik.

Weik was a prominent one-world activist. In issue two she describes the process of mimeographing and folding the newsletters herself with help from a neighbor. Content includes updates on conferences promoting a single world government, correspondence from readers, and discussions of how to spread the message. One writer complains in issue 2 that "It seems to me that the direction of the local activities along the lines you mention is well calculated to lead the movement into complete futility."

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