NAPA [six issues of the newsletter]. Network Against Psychiatric Assault.

NAPA [six issues of the newsletter]

San Francisco: NAPA, 1977-1980. Six issues of the mimeographed newsletter, mixture of 8.5x11 and 8.5x14 inch sheets, two to four pages per issue, address label and cancellation on back cover, previously folded for mailing, otherwise very good. Issues present are June/July 1977, Jan./Feb., Aug/Sept and Oct/Nov. 1979, May/June and Oct-Dec. 1980. Also incluided in a July 11, 1979 mailing on a letter campaign to complain about newspaper coverage of psychosurgery.

NAPA was formed to "attack institutional psychiatry at its heart -- namely, its power to impose 'treatments' on unwilling subjects." (quote from the group's publication "Forced treatment = torture").

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