Manual of practical political action. Lewis C. Frank, Ralph E. Shikes.
Manual of practical political action

Manual of practical political action

New York: National Citizens Political Action Committee, [194-]. 9x12 inch oblong custom-printed binder of the three-ring sort, with individually paginated sections on organization, personnel, finance, research, publicity, advertising, literature, and issues; designed so that later supplements could be added as issued. 11, 50, 8, 16, 14, 20, 12, 17, 28p. Binder is partly discolored, interior pages very good; black and white illustrations.

Much on the NCPAC's own work during the FDR administration; undated but context suggests 1946. A window into the tactics of yesteryear with much to instruct the activist of today despite the obvious changes in technology and social structure.

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