Sedona Journal of Emergence [62 issues]

Sedona, AZ: Love Light Communications, 1991 - 1997. broken run of 62 issues, 112-128 pgs each, 8.5x11 inches, pictorial wraps, Vol.1, Nos. 6-8 (Oct.-Dec. 1991), Vol.2, Nos. 1-12 (Jan.-Dec. 1992), Vol.3, Nos. 1-12 (Jan.-Dec. 1993), Vol.4 Nos. 1-9, 12 (Jan.-Sept., Dec. 1994), Vol.5, Nos. 1-12 (Jan.-Dec. 1995), Vol.6, Nos. 1-11 (Jan.-Nov. 1996), Vol.7, Nos. 8, 10 (Aug., Oct. 1997). Very good condition.

Long-running New Age magazine featuring a dozen or so channelers each issue shining the light on coming changes, ET doings, the secret government, and spiritual self-improvement. Additional material on Astrology, Numerology, UFOs, and alternative health practices. Zoosh, Jehovah, Zohar & the Council of Five, P'taah, Kryon, St. Germaine, and the rest of the disembodied gang.

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