Prison Movement discussion paper no. 1 [with response packet]

Chicago: Stateville Prisoners Organization, [1977-?]. Two stapled packets, a four-page 8.5x14 inch discussion paper (originally issued December 1976, this a revision from soon thereafter) and a 14-page 8.5x11 inch packet issued in response to criticism of the paper. Both are photoreproduced, text rather faint but legible, contact info for the organization penned on the latter piece, bottom half of cover sheet yellowed on the first piece.

The SPO was a Maoist prisoner rights group which later became the New Afrikan Prisoners Organization; the discussion at hand revolves around the emergence of a new "Prison Movement ... inextricably linked to the New Afrikan (Black) struggle for national liberation in particular, and to other national liberation struggles in general." Notes that the original discussion paper has been revised in the version present here.

Cat.No: 178297

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