Red Star. Issue number two (April 1970)

n.p. Red Women's Detachment, 1970. 13p., 8.5x11 inch sheets mimeographed from typescript, stapled at left. Very good. One line of text has been neatly blacked out on the first interior page (change of party line, perhaps).

Organ of the armed women's group affiliated with the Marxist-Leninist Party. Cover story is an open letter to welfare women, which criticizes welfare rights groups as failing to analyze and work to destroy the prevailing social order. Inside of back cover is a draft constitution of the Detachment. "We are not a separatist group hating men. We realize that working-class men are not our enemies; instead, armed workingwomen and armed workingmen are united to fight for Communism." Named contributors are Leslie Gross and Judith Biggin.

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