The Balance, and Columbian Repository; No. 16. Vol.V. Tuesday, April 22, 1806

Hudson (New-York): Harry Croswell, Where printing in general is executed with elegance and accuracy. 1806. [8]p., thick deckled newsprint printed triple-column, two tiny vignettes; 13x10 inch double-fold of which the outer folio is split along spine, the inner being whole except for a one-inch split at the tail. Evenly toned, remains handleable, minor edgewear, dust and a small dampstain, good copy. Croswell extracts letters sent to "Editor's Closet," grumps about Jefferson, who "boasted on entering into office, that 'the doors of public confidence had been burst open'" (yes, agrees Croswell, "the doors have been forced from their hinges"), and presents an entire page of political poetry by one "Robert Rusticoat, Esquire. 'To lash the rascals naked through the world;' The Coalead, Canto II." Jefferson's "prodigal expenditure of seventeen millions of dollars, in a foolish purchase of waste land, without boundary, and without title," earns especial scorn.

A couple of FYI's: vignettes are a rather lackluster depiction of a judicial "balance" (scales) on the masthead, and, heading up Rusticoat epic, a quite nice wood-engraved "wasp" with stinger. Two issues later, May 6th 1806, we learned that The Balance printed the first known appearance in type of the coinage "cocktail," denominating a mixed alcoholic drink.

Cat.No: 177528

Price: $50.00