Chinese Bible Church, Rev. Louis Lightfoot, pastor [4 unduplicated items together]

Oakland: the church, 1968. Programs for three consecutive Sundays and an invitational handbill: dated 10, 17, 24 November 1968, the undated handbill from same lot. Programs are mimeo'd (rather faintly), each a standard leaf folded once to 8.5x5.5 inches, title page plus doublespread describing services, item for the 24th adds a last page of text warning of communism and god-is-dead notions. Handbill 5.5x4 inches, general information and a line map. Good copies; the programs having been folded transversely are now flat.

Native of Kentucky, pastored in and out of state (primarily Oakland / San Leandro), buried in Bowling Green.

Cat.No: 175722

Price: $12.00