Photographic portrait of a young man inscribed and signed

Bombay, NY: no publisher, [1940s?]. Photograph. 3.25x5 inch tinted b&w photograph of a slender beardless young man in green Zoot Suit slacks held by suspenders, white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to biceps, green striped wide tie with Windsor knot, brown shoes, and small case with over the shoulder strap (likely binoculars) leaning against a tree trunk smiling at the photographer. On the rear is an inscription in ink stating; "To Jerry, M. Lloyd Rubadue, Box 48. Bombay, N.Y. Friendship is the golden chain that binds we two together. If neither of us break that chain will both be friends forever as one sucker to another no (underscored) second hitch."

Attractive young man and the inscription seems to indicate that the two have been discharged from military service and have agreed not to re-enlist ("No second hitch").

Cat.No: 175710

Price: $25.00