Join the struggle for the People's Park. [two handbills]

Berkeley: [May 1969]. Two 8.5x11 inch leaflets, one mimeographed on one side, along the bottom is a drawing of a chain link fence, signed Lyons, with the sign "Prague, Calif., No Admittance." The other handbill, with the same heading but printed two sides, has very different text, a photo of people planting, and a cartoon showing an air force plane bombing the Berkeley campus.

Both flyers call for a march to the park on Memorial Day culminating in demands to tear down the fence that had been put up around it. People's Park was a plot of land owned by the University of California which was seized by UC Berkeley students and Berkeley citizens as a park in April 1969. On May 15, 1969, local and state police attempted to fence off the park and destroyed the plantings and other improvements.

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