Revolt. Vol. 1, no. 9 (August 27, 1938)

New York: Revolutionary Workers League, 1938. 27p., 8.5x11 inch mimeographed sheets stapled into oversize printed wraps, the protruding edges of the wraps slightly edgeworn. Goldwater, "Radical periodicals in America" #232.

In 1935 the RWL was expelled from the Socialist Workers Party for opposing the 'French turn,' the RWL then organized itself as the left opposition of the SWP and split into two RWLs in 1938. One led by Hugo Oehler was based in Chicago, while this faction was led by Tom Stamm. Includes articles on Soviet-Japanese conflict, "Auto union purged by 'Moscow Trials,'" Picture of a New Deal Flophouse, and more.

Cat.No: 175478

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