Speeches of Messrs. Weller, Orr, Lane, and Cobb, delivered in Phoenix and Depot Halls, Concord, N.H. : at a mass metting of the Democratic Party of Merrimac County. [7 February 1856]

32p, 6 x 9.5 inches, alkaline paper reasonably well preserved, spine abraded, tops and forages cut neatly, first page dust soiled, pencil markings infrequently appear (pp. 8.17, and 32) and Weller's name underlined on first page, numerals noted in pencil on first page.

Speeches given at a Democratic Party meeting in Concord, New Hampshire on 7 February 1856 (see New York Times, 9 February 1856). Weller rails against "Black Republicans" and the anti-immigrant Know Nothings in his speech delivered shortly before New Hampshire's party caucuses. He defends President Franklin Pierce, a New Hampshire native, and decries the sectionalism he claims is promoted by anti-slavery Whigs as well as the Republicans. Weller served as a US Senator from California (1852-1857) and as California governer (1858-1860). During his gubernatorial term, he led a raid on San Quentin prison, which was sanctioned by the state legislature, to drive out the prison's incompetent private management.

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