No place for a hero; a historical novel of California's 'Pathfinder' John C. Fremont. A special bicentennial project of the San Jose Mercury News

San Jose: the newspaper, July 4, 1976. 107p., printed double-column on alkaline newsprint larded also with advertisements, 12x10 inch red white & blue self-wraps. Magazine supplement format but staplebound, and a remarkably good specimen; faintest signs of age or any handling, near-fine.

Busch (no relation to our three-term president) relates on p.4 how the call came: "You mean," he said, "a novel written to your order?" to which SJ Sunday News editor Fred Dickey replies, "That was what we had in mind." Ends thusly, on p.106: "You" (i.e. pore ol Fremont) "are remembered there [Santa Clara Valley "when the hills were green"] my friend-- and in the redwood forests and the Sierra passes, in the deserts and on the shores and in the old pueblos soon to be shining cities. You are safe with us." -- Caveat Emptor.

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