Blackhawk diary of an eco-warrior. Wulf Zendik.

Blackhawk diary of an eco-warrior

Bastrop TX: Zendik Farm, 1990. 266p., trade-size decorated wraps, got a few flecks o soil an grunt but thats a true Zendik for ya.

Zendik founded the Zendik Farm Tribe Commune. He starts this particular portion of his autobiographical stream of konksciousness (nine books thus far and counting) in 1967, bodysurfing at Malibu; p.7, "yesss i'm pickin-up on all these really really bad bikini clad bitches & there's all kindsa wild & maybe wicked & willin witches" well enough of that, --automobiles! p.13, "my wheels used t belong t great great friend trebor wolfang who's doin time up at quentin" -- p.95, "like i near totalled the ferrari few nites back.. did it deliberate..had no choice--hadda do a bop onna poor dude;" elipses sic. Not a whole lot of eco stuff ready to view.

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