[Group of six internal documents related to the 1984 campaign]. Communist Party USA.

[Group of six internal documents related to the 1984 campaign]

[San Francisco Bay Area]: CPUSA, individual authors, 1984-1985. Group of mimeographed and photocopied reports on electoral work, including blunt criticisms of the Party's shortcomings. Includes: Anonymous 4-page packet on the status of trade union work; a 5-page report on party-building by "Giuliana" to the State Committee, a "Criticism of petition campaign in California" discussing the Party's inability to get ballot status after three tries; a six-page open letter to Gus Hall by Nancy Polin discussing her serious disagreements with Party electoral policy, including its decision to run a presidential campaign rather than fully support the Rainbow Coalition effort; an open letter from Gus Hall seeking feedback on the campaign; and a six-page packet assessing the condition of the labor movement. All are on 8.5x11 or 8.5x14 inch sheets; some minor pen marginalia.

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