Forward to workers power / Sifuna konke! [with] Jobs, peace and socialism. No compromise! (two agitational stickers)

[South Africa]: WOSA, [1994-?]. Two rectangular stickers, still fresh on original backing, bright orange with black text, approximately 2x5.5 inches each. The organization is identified at left, with an embem of a raised fist over the outline of South Africa within a star; the slogans are on the right side of each sticker.

WOSA was a Trotskyist political group in South Africa headed by Neville Alexander, who had been imprisoned at Robben Island with Nelson Mandela. The slogan "Jobs, peace and socialism. No compromise!" was used by the group when it contested the 1994 South African general election as the Workers' List, and these stickers may date to the period of that campaign.

Cat.No: 171546

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