Outrage. An anarchist memoir of the penal colony. Translated by Michael Shreve, introduction by Marianne Enchkell

Oakland: PM Press, 2012. 201p., wraps. New.

"...Clément Duval, a Parisian anarchist and jewel thief who, captured in 1886, stabbed the arresting officer and defended his action with the words: 'The policeman arrested me in the name of the law; I struck him in the name of liberty.' Duval was led out of court shouting, 'Long live anarchy! Long live the social revolution! Ah, if ever I am freed, I will blow you all up!'... When Duval escaped from Devil's Island in 1901 and found his way to the United States, he was hidden by [Luigi] Galleani's associates, with whom... he remained for the rest of his life (he died in Brooklyn in 1935 in his eighty-sixth year)." *Paul Avrich, SACCO AND VANZETTI, THE ANARCHIST BACKGROUND. Princeton, 1991. p. 98.

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