New York Party Mobilizer. [50 issues]

New York: Communist Party of New York, 1985-1992. Fifty issues of the newsletter, ranging from two to six pages per issue, 8.5x11 inch sheets stapled at upper left corner, a few issues torn or edgeworn, but generally very good. Usually issued monthly, though around convention time there were sometimes multiple issues in a single month. Earliest issue is July 27, 1985, thence apparently continuous until 1988, where several issues may be missing, and thereafter scattershot into 1991 and 1992, where the newsletter became more open to broad discussion in the period leading up to the split of the party - these issues are much more crudely photocopied, and the Feb. 20, 1992 issue (just two pages stapled together) cites the national party's lock-out of the New York district. The final issue present here (August 1992) has the newsletter back firmly under party authority, with the best production value of the lot.

Updates on the local work of this important party branch, including People Before Profits campaign work in the 1985 New York mayoral election, response to racist attacks in Howard Beach, fundraising for the party's publication drives, and organizational minutiae.

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