Prospectus of Aromatic Muffled Bean Company, Ltd., capital $100,000.00

Arsolia, Calif., head office: Aromatic Muffled Bean, no date, perhaps 1940s. Single leaf of light grey card folded once to make a 4.5x3.2 inch brochure, 4p. thus, about 350 words of text. Very good copy, a three-page address by the fictitious company president emphasizing social utility of the "Noiseless Bean," listing varieties available (unscented, Violets, Old Rose, New Mown Hay, Locust Blossoms) for ladies at card parties.

Officers: G. Howie Phartz, president; A. Low Rumble, vice-president; Will U. Smellie, secretary; C. Sweet O'Dore, treasurer. Krapp & Leavitt, solicitors; S. Tink & Company, auditors. Local agent: R. S. Sole Wright - Krapp Bldg.

Cat.No: 171067

Price: $20.00