A letter to Granville Hicks by Phil Frankfeld, State Secretary, Communist Party of Massachusetts

[Boston-?]: CPUSA, Massachusetts, 1939. 5p. plus cover sheet, 8.5x11 inch sheets stapled at upper left corner, paper toned, horizontal fold crease; mimeographed from typescript. OCLC lists three holdings.

Open letter to Hicks after he resigned from the Communist Party in disgust over its support of the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact. The letter, liberally sprinkled with personal memories of conversations with Hicks at Harvard and elsewhere, asserts that "you always had an inner lack of conviction that the Soviet Union really symbolized Socialism Victorious..." Predicts a witch-hunt for Communists by the war-mongers, and warns that "Under such conditions, new tests will have to be applied to all of our friends, to prove their friendship."

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