Los Angeles Free Press volume 5 issue #224 November 1-7; American roulette 1968 an open letter to Mayor Yorty / Police invade Free Clinic / Yippie-Mafia coalition exposed / Joe Egg black comedy [headlines]

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Free Press, 1968. 48p., in two sections as customarily issued, 17.5x11.5 inch tabloid newspaper. Subscriber's mailing label present, mild edgewear and toning. Mailed folded along the original horizontal foldline.

Ron Cobb cartoon a time-lapse of collapse of 'civilization.' Analysis of Nixon p.27. Black Power at Olympics.The Yippie-Mafia coalition is a fullpage goof (p.30) reprinted from University of British Columbia student newspaper, with behind-scenes detail: the proposed ticket of Mark Rudd-Paul Krassner, opposed by a Joe Bonano-Lucky Luciano nomination, reaches compromise: a Mario Savio-Meyer Lansky ticket.

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