The realist [no.86] Nov.-Dec., 1969. [featuring] The Oakland 7 by Frank Bardacke, Hugh Romny on The Hog Farm

New York: the monthly, 1969. 32p., wraps, paper browned, faint signs of handling, 8x11 inches. The Frank Bardacke essay runs eight full double-column pages, Romney fourteen pages. At head of the issue: Teddy Kennedy does the breast stroke.

The Oakland 7 was the most important anti-draft demo of the period. His account "contains," he starts, "some hitherto unrevealed dirt, a few laughs, a smattering of politics, and a confession or two. I have been an Oakland 7 for some time now, and as you read on, you will learn a lot about me. But this is not a story of my life.. Alameda County District Attorney J. Frank Coakley created the Oakland 7 a year and a half ago. He indicted seven leaders of October 1967's Stop the Draft Week for conspiracy to commit three misdemeanors.." Story is accompanied by a Beetle Bailey lampoon (Beetle killed with his guts hanging out).

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