Uncensored. [95 issues]

New York: Writers Anti-War Bureau, 1940-1941. Ninety-five issues of the 8.5x11 inch newsletter, average length 5 pages per issue, all formerly bound with a single staple at upper left but the staples now all cleanly removed. Issues present are 17 (Jan. 27, 1940) to 49, 51-114 (December 6, 1941, the last issue). The bombing of Pearl Harbor on the following day guaranteed US involvement in the war and further publication may have been seen as pointless. No. 76 is dated but not numbered. Aside from staple removal, condition is generally very good, with some colored pencil marginalia on a few earlier issues and occasional silverfish nibbles on the edges of several sheets. One issue has an enthusiastic recommendation penned at the top to a friend, stating that he has been following the newsletter since it began. Also included is a Nov. 23, 1940 fundraising letter from Hertzberg.

The newsletter brought together strange bedfellows, with Hertzberg (national publicity director of the America First Committee, a Jewish socialist and contributing editor at Time Magazine) collaborating with Germanophile Harry Elmer Barnes and a host of others whose opposition to US involvement in WW II derived from varying rationales. The masthead's "editorial sponsors" include Barnes, Dorothy Dunbar Bromley, John Chamberlain, Stuart Chase, John T. Flynn, C. Hartley Grattan, Hubert Herring, Quincy Howe, George R. Leighton, Ernest L. Meyer, Burton Rascoe, Selden Rodman, and Oswald Garrison Villard. The newsletter's contents focus on behind-the-scenes planning for war, government influence on the media to make war seem necessary or unavoidable, issues around conscription, allegations of Communist Party involvement in pushing the US into war, and related topics.

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