Any bonds today? copyright by Henry Morgenthau, Jr., secretary of the treasury

Washington DC: Government Printing Office, 1941. Sheet music, 5p., standard format plain printed 12x9 inch self-wraps with Morganthau's name in bold on the cover. Titling enclosed in cartouche which is slightly silverfished and edgeworn, a good copy of a real anomaly. Sample verse: "Any stamps to-day? We'll be blest / if we all in-vest / in the U. S. / A.-- Here comes the free-dom man, Can't make to-mor-ow's plan-- Not un-less you buy a share of free-dom" et cet cet cet.

Googles as "the theme song of the National Defense Savings Program," written at the request of the treasurer and "transferred" to him.

Cat.No: 169394

Price: $15.00