Radical Education Project publications

Ann Arbor, MI: Radical Education Project, 1966-1968. 8.5x11 inches, mild yellowing and wear, November 1967 issue of Radicals in the Professions newsletter has address label cut out but little impact on text. Publications produced by the Radical Education Project of SDS, including Radical Education Project, an introduction to the group (August 1966, 19p), two issues of the Radicals in the Professions newsletter (November and December 1967, 18 and 20p), one of the succeeding publication, Something Else!, a feminist journal (Jan-Feb. 1970, 20p), a subscription letter (26 December 1967, 1p), Brief Report on the First Year's Activities (June 1967, 2p), Stu Dowty, "The Academic Quagmire," and a "Tentative Program Outline for the Radical Education Project, August 1967 to August 1968" (6p).

"An independent education, research, and publication program, initiated by Students for a Democratic Society, devoted to the cause of democratic radicalism and aspiring to the creation of a new left in America"

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