Letter regarding violent demonstrations at University of California at Berkeley 14 April 1966

Berkeley: 1966. 6p, 8.5x11 inches, carbon copy on onion-skin paper, mild yellowing at edges, TLAD, letter defended the anti-war position of demonstrators at UC Berkeley but opposed the lack of any coherent leadership or clear positions, the self-righteous nature of political actions based only on opposing authority, and the expression of hate by those protesting the inhumanity of the Vietnam War. Herbert concluded the letter, "I dread the day when the movement leads someone to a death which indicates only that utter folly among your preseumed friends leaves you just as dead as the malice of your acknowledged enemies"

Walter Herbert was the director of ministry for graduate students and faculty at the Wesley Foundation, an organization of the United Methodist Church who supported the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley in the 1960s and opposed the Vietnam War. This letter was found in a collection held by Michael Rothman, a FSM participant.

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