The Wide World Magazine the magazine for men February, 1937. Vol. lxxviii No. 467

London: George Newnes, Ltd. 1937. Pp.338-420, 24p. ads, b&w sketches in various media plus photographs; 9.5x6.5 inch color wraps. Cover story is "A Man-hunt in Jamaica." Wraps are detached from textblock, are edgeworn wih a small chip at the heel and some crimping in the graphic, but remain intact along foldlines; exposed staples are rusted with a little migration, foredge a bit soiled and dented with thumbing.

Robert Williams could have used this cover for his "Negroes with Guns," but probably wouldn't have. Shows an armed and ill-tempered fellow peering around from the mouth of a cave, expertly rendered (the original likely a watercolor) and fairly realistic except for an improbably broken nose. A note on the masthead page states, "Most of the original Drawings of the illustrations in the Magazine are for sale. Terms may be had on applitcation to the Cliche' Department," --confession and in-house humor. The perponderance of stories this issue show fashion-model white males with, and usually in conflict with, African, Ecuadoran, Australian and Papuan black males. P.420 is an update on the fraudulent Louis de Rougemont with photoportrait of him in extreme old age.

Cat.No: 167404

Price: $20.00