Sonderheft Israel & Palastina, Zeitschrift fur Dialog 22

Frankfurt: the journal, 1989. 59p., staplebound 8.2xs5.5 inch plain printed journal wraps, cover bears rubberstamp notices ("In English!" and "A behind the scenes look at the San Francisco ballot campaign for a two-state solution"), most of the text is indeed in English, a very good copy with, laid in, two closely-printed leaves informing the subscriber "About this special issue of israel & Palastina"

includes memorial texts pertaining to Friedhelm Ernst, who "came to San Francisco to pursue his study of the Palestinian Diaspora," at a time a Proposition W was on the local ballot promoting a two-state solution. Ernst unexpectedly died in San Francisco.

Cat.No: 167135
ISBN: ISSN01757032

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