The Brownstone: an independent and assertedly individual journal of commentary, news and criticism of interest to residents of New York City, published semimonthly, edited by VL Richman, and dedicated to prisons and jailers that they may continue to make anarchists of us all. Numbers 3 and 7 (April 8 and July 8, 1963)

New York: 1963. Two issues, 6p., each, 8.5x14 inch mimeographed sheets stapled at upper left, last page of latter issue has an edge chip (losing part of a single word, still intelligible).

Earlier issue notes a meeting of anti-Zionist Jews and a local appearance by Puerto Rican nationalist Juan Mari-Bras. Cover story of the latter issue is "The Negro movement comes to New York City," which is critical of southern Blacks appealing to the central government for redress of wrongs, arguing that they should simply live free lives refusing to deal with any legal government whatsoever. Much on the recovery of a stolen motorbike belonging to the editor, and the system's confusion that he did not want the thief to go to jail (the judge ordered the editor jailed for contempt for taking this position).

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