[Two course catalogs and an introductory handbill from the alternative school]

Albuquerque: the University, 1970. Two mimeographed biweekly course catalogs (courses include "Survival and Guerrilla warfare" and "Psycho-active drugs" as well as Draft Counseling, Chicano Problems, and more pedestrian college-level fare) together with a single-sheet 8.5x14 inch mimeographed introductory statement about the school and its goals. All very good.

"Amistad (Friendship) the Free University was established after a week of national and local turmoil to meet the needs of those individuals who wanted to discuss, study and act upon those problems and concerns of our society that are not covered in the university curriculum... There are no requirements - except interest."

Cat.No: 166576

Price: $30.00