University of California; A Demand and an Appeal. The Coalition.

University of California; A Demand and an Appeal

[May 1969]. 2p, 8.5 x 11 inches leaflet printed on both sides, folded lengthwise, slight discoloration at edges, call for and end to ROTC on the UC campuses and for a state-wide strike on May 26 following the People's Park demonstrations of May 15, 1969.

People's Park was a plot of land owned by the University of California which was seized by UC Berkeley students and Berkeley citizens as a park in April 1969. On May 15, 1969, local and state police attempted to fence off the park and destroyed the plantings and other improvements. When protestors resisted the changes, one man was murdered and another blinded. Reagan sent in the National Guard. which occupied the UCB campus and the City of Berkeley.

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