The commune. (April 8, 1968)

Manhattanville Station, New York: Commune, 1968. First issue of the short-lived Situationist-influenced newsletter, mimeographed on a single 8.5x11 inch sheet, very good. OCLC lists two holdings, at UC Davis and University of Virgina, each of which has only this and one later issue.

The publication was occasioned by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and published four days after his death. "With him died civil society, culture and bourgeois civilization... King was right when he called for the use of troops against Watts, for he knew that Watts was the opening phase of the revolution of life itself against all forms of oppression: bourgeois civilization itself was at stake. Now that King is dead responsibility falls to the radical bourgeois, the Jacobins of Black Power, to channel this hatred, to preserve bourgeois society. King's death exposes them to their own contradictions. For some the problem is: who will enjoy the fruits of the bourgeois tree? For others, and for ourselves, the problem is: who will destroy the roots of that tree?..."

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