Don't Laugh at Disaster! Northern California Citizens Against 30-Thursday.

Don't Laugh at Disaster!

San Francisco: Northern California Citizens Against 30-Thursday, 1939. 2 p, 8.5x11 leaflet, double-sided, yellowed edges wih chipping to two corners, attacks the Depression-era "Ham and Eggs" second campaign as "hypocrisy and promotional quackery"

"This leaflet is a call to arms -- in defense of California. . . .The 30 - Every-Thursday amendment is IMPENDING TRAGEDY." Initiated after the passage of the 1935 Social Security Act but before the first checks went out in 1940, the "Ham and Eggs" campaign promoted a pension that would give older Californians three square meals a day. It made more money for its quirky advocates than it did for any senior. All such measures failed at the ballot box but its organizers raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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