San Francisco Good Times; Vol.2, no.21, May 28, 1969

San Francisco: Trystero Co. 1969. 24p., tabloid, 11x16.5 in., folded, lightly browned newsprint, some page corners bumped, but overall nicely preserved.

San Francisco's longest lasting underground paper. Much coverage on arrests over People's Park and announcement of May 30 march to tear down the park's fence, Todd Gitlin poem "all fences down", photo essay on Haight St. fair, Marjorie Heins on the Lamaze method, full page Robt. Altman photo of someone giving the finger to the Uncle Sam "I want you" poster, centerspread poster by John Thompson "Peoples Park", report on dismissal of Kirby Hensley trial over Universal Life Church, "Grow your own" column about protecting against bugs, Harry Driggs full page comic strip, back page is hand drawn and lettered astrological profile for the week of May 28-June 3 by Berkeley Astrology Guild, plus news bits and ads of the era.

Cat.No: 162811

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