A letter and an answer concerning the paper-bound edition of "100%" the Story of a Patriot." [printed circular]

Pasadena, CA: Upton Sinclair, 1920. Single 8.5x11 inch sheet, printed one side on Sinclair's letterhead, with fold creases, together with envelope bearing Sinclair's printed return address, addressed to Herman Meyling of Berkeley and postmarked in 1920.

Reprints a tongue-in-cheek letter from William McDevitt, a San Francisco bookseller, using racial terminology to discuss the simultaneous publication of hardcover and paperback editions of "100%," the reaction of local dealers, and his own conclusion: "I say the thing to do will be to push the cloth 'whiteys' and hope for the best for the proletarian 'darkies.'" Sinclair's appreciative response discusses the economics of publishing in different formats and on different types of paper stock.

Cat.No: 161168

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