Philip Blanc in San Francisco

San Francisco: Panjandrum Press, 1972. unpaginated, some six keyboard-set pagelong poems and about as many line drawings, 7x11 inch oblong on nice paper with a printed cover leaf 350 copies. Mildly faded and edgeworn. Pleasant narcissistic stuff starring poet's alter ego Philip. Phil reads a book in Washington Square, the erotic poem. He lolls in Golden Gate Park, rolls down the grass, "sat up and watched the cars passing on Middle Drive / picked them up with his fingers." Our favorite: "Philip Blanc sat on a seat / in the 'N Judah' streetcar. / 'These streetcars could be hung / upside down / and run on the sky,' he said. / He looked at the vents / above the windows, / at the steel tubing / across the back of the seats, / at the curtain behind the driver" just the way we have done; there's more but you have to buy the book. The sketches are not distracting and reward examination. Panjandrum chapbook number 2.

Cat.No: 160459

Price: $12.00