Third rail:a review of international literature and the arts; issue no. 8, 1987

Los Angeles: the review, 1987. Paperback. 96p., 8.5x11 inches, very good journal in decorated wraps, slight crimping and edgewear, good copy with a fullpage cover photo of Kenneth Rexroth.

Find Philip Glass,Ohno Kazuo, Allen Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti, MIchael McClure, Kazuko Shiraishi, Baraka, Meltzer, Roditi, Jaglom, Welles (Orson), Micheline, Rene Castro (interview), editor Hertz' review of Chuck Berry's 60th birthday party, many other namedrops.

Cat.No: 160025
ISBN: ISSN07415968

Price: $20.00