Phantasm literary magazine, Larry S. Jackson, , publisher and printer.

Phantasm literary magazine,

Chico CA: Heidelberg Graphics, 1982. Unpaginated, 44, 44p. with photographic and art illustrations throughout, buff paperstock printed with occasional monochrome reds and blues; staplebound quarto (11x8.5 inch) into which a 10x8 inch supplement has been inserted on a separate staple, very good copy.

"This special issue of Phantasm is dedicated to the nine brigadistas in the Literacy Crusade who were assassinated because they dared to participate in the effeort to teach all the citizens of the New Nicaraua to read and write, ikilled by ex-Somocista soldiers who continue to make armed raids across the Honduran border," see page second to last. An energetic "poetry rules" approach to radicals, poetic and otherwise, with coverage of the 1981 Bisbee poetry festival featuring Helen Adam, William Everson and Amiri Baraka,

Cat.No: 159934
ISBN: ISSN01455303

Price: $20.00