The compulsion to do evil; obedience to criminal orders

Corinth VT: The Black Mountain Press, 1967. Offprint, reprinted from Patterns of Prejudice vol I no 6 November / December 1967; 5p., reproduced double-column in blue ink, 8.5x6.5 inch white wraps titled purple. Front bears a narrow even browned edge, back a large but very light splash stain, good copy.

Plato, nazis, and possibly the first for-the-public account of Milgram's Marvellous Expose': "I set up a simple experiment at Yale University. Eventually, the experiment was to involve more than a thousand participants and would be repeated at several universities, but at the beginning, the conception was simple. A person comes to a psychological laboratory and is told to carry out a series of acts that come increasingly into conflict with conscience." --from p.1. Precedes publication "Obedience to Authority" by a number of years, during which time something (prudence?) caused his withdrawal from calling the business "evil"

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