[ad poster]. Stuart Weitzman.
[ad poster]

[ad poster]

New York [hq?], South Coast Plaza, Phoenix, Las Vegas: the firm / else the artist, no date, '80s. 20'x14' poster in colors which shows sideview of highfashion pumps doing "69;" browns and greys as in a Picasso cubist portrait but sort of in Duchamp motion. The coated paperstock is tactile, a satiny grey. No mfr mentioned, may or may not be a genuine ad. A little crimped here and there with a tiny faint stain, good copy. The poetic lines or what we're calling poetry, is really just captioning: three molto brief lines to clever effect.

Weitzman also has designed a suite of postcards, "AIDS Project Los Angeles Holiday Cards," so this ad could possibly be how he makes his living.

Cat.No: 158910

Price: $15.00