The letters of the poets, Holderlin, [Malcom] Lowry, Pound, Neruda, Rilke, Whitman, Rimbaud, [D H] Lawrence, Li Po

New York City: editor, as 109th St. Vision, 1980. 39p., text reproduced from typescript, staplebound 8.5x5.5 inch typewriter-titled wraps with a small sketch decoration (horned demon). Herron's typing skills get a "C." Staples are rusting, center leaf is unfastened, mild external handling soil. Well-chosen intense stuff. The editor (presumably; signs as Bill) addresses a fellow poet we know to have been in San Francisco, inscribing an inside blank to say that he's staying in NY another year to "stand on own ground" 109th Street Vision # 1.

"The letters by Lowry, Neruda, & Lawrence were written as part of thier literary work. The other letters were mailed - with the exception of Holderlin's. Susette was his employer's wife. In making this selection I sought letters that spoke for themselves as they carried the poet's fire inward, unveiling more & more with each reading."

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