Poesin Kommer Hösten 85;; Är du redo; poster

Jönköpings: Jönköpings Länsteater, 1985. 17.75x24.25 inches, untrimmed (crop-marks extant) collage poster featuring the image of a cactus plant in a clay pot with pink human hands reaching out from the ears of the plant. Text in Swedish promoting a festival and free lunch given by the theatre company. On the back is a lengthy signed letter filling the entire back side of the poster written in English by the artist to two friends in the States talking about a vacation to the coast, his little girl and the upcoming elections, bemoaning the fact that the Right is attempting to take back the country and placing his hopes in the Communist party.

Christer Theptander is considered the Grand Old Man of Swedish collage. His works attack the establishment with wit and absurdist imagery.

Cat.No: 158472

Price: $75.00