Bottoming out,; useful and interesting notes collected for members of the Canal society of New York state [nine separate nos. including doubled nos., plus duplicates; with] Towpaths, canal society of Ohio [seven nos. plus duplicate; two broken runs as a small lot]

Syracuse NY / New Philadelphia, Oberlin OH: the societies, 1959 - 1967. Identical formats, staplebound 8.5x5.5 inches, texts reproduced from typescript with plenty of photos, these reasonably well-produced, very good copies. To specify, Bottoming Out is represented by nos. 13 [2cc], 17, 18/19 [2cc], 20 [2cc], 21-22 [3cc], 23-24 [4cc]. And Towpaths: [vol. 1] no. 1 [2cc]; vol 4 no. 4; vol 5. nos. 2, 5; vol. 6 nos. 1, 2, 3. NOte that Towpaths v5n4 has informative enclosures as issued. The lot totals 16 (sixteen ) different items and nine dupes.

Cat.No: 158112

Price: $50.00