The realist [no.29] freethought criticism and satire. September, 1961. Pray for war

New York: The Realist Association, 1961. 24p., wraps, 8.5x11 inches, paper slightly browned, very good condition.

Cover stories "An impolite interview with Dick Gregory" and "Bomb shelter Key Clubs." Inside, William Worthy on Cuba, the space race, and a science review of the advertising claims of mentholated cigarettes.. The Gregory interview is illustrated with a sketch drawn during their conversation. Krassner mentions the Rockwell interview he had just done, and Gregory says this: "The minute he'd stop talking about Negroes and Jews, and pick on something that's a little more biting.. then he's washed up.. It's because he's talking about Negroes and Jews. Because if he had a hate bus and said, 'Down with General Motors,' and 'Down with Ford,' they'd blow that fucking bus up .." Also 5 p. article on negative thinking by Robert Anton Wilson.

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